Communal Harmony – the reality – the vision

March 8, 2018 — by Amit Mishra

While the countrymen are all busy teaching others how to be sensible and tolerant towards others, do we have a few moments to introspect? What is communal harmony? In simple words, communal harmony stands for mutual respect to all religions, classes and different sections of the society. We are divided into cultures, religions but still, we show our unity when it comes to the national integrity. There are acceptance and love among the different communities, castes and religion. And this is what we know as communal harmony in simple terms.

India has been the place of spiritualism since the beginning. We have witnessed all the twist and turns on this earth. Whosoever comes in whatever form we have provided them all with our love and shelter. we had opened the gate for Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains and Persians and at times, we have also been invaded by the tyrants and ruled by the so-called civilised. When no country allowed Persians to enter into their regime, we were the only country in the world to provide them with our love. We don’t need any lesson or anything from anyone to understand the essence of communal harmony. We have been practising communal harmony for centuries and ages and this is something that India has taught to the world.

See the differences that we have as the citizens of the same country – we eat differently; we live in different ways; we worship and practise religion in different ways; we speak so many languages; we have different cultures and philosophy of life – still, we are all known as one community – Indians! Yes, sometimes, we do have clashes on the name of the language, religion, beliefs and so many other things and we do our best to settle the issues between each other. When we see a person respecting other’s belief, sharing food with a person who is known for different food habits, consoling each other if some mishappening has taken place and so many other occasions, that’s what we call communal harmony in action.

Coming to the spiritual part, all religion may have the different path but all lead to Thee, the divine. Our paths can be different but our destination is same. When someone asked Ved Vyas what you have written in the scriptures you have written, he replied humbly – there are only two things in everything I have written – doing good to someone is Punya and doing bad to someone is pap. So, the Christianity tells the same thing, do good to others and thou shalt get good done to you in return. Buddhism tells the exact same thing, Islam and all religions have only one message. Do good to everyone.

Now the question here is why this harmony breaks:

I think evolution is the main cause in this process. Upgradation of thoughts and modernisation of civilisation are the main causes of communal clashes. The clashes are not only between two communities but it also takes place within the communities too. Someone is sticking to the classic ritual practice and doesn’t allow his mind to think scientifically and someone is believing in science. Then clashes will take place on this ground. Someone is talking about evolution and upgrade but you are sticking to the classicism so there will be so much disagreement and it will turn into anger and the equilibrium will be disturbed. And the inter communities’ clashes are only politically motivated. Politics is the main player in this field. There are two angles of looking anything. One is the angle of humanity and other is the angle of politics. If you judge a situation with the first angle only thing you can do that you will love everyone. But when you will put the spectacles of political and then tries to judge it the hatred arouse within yourself.

Now what should be the solution to these problems:
We are social animals and we have the skill of socialisation. Our decisions depend on two basic things one is faith and other is science. Faith is based on no region where science is totally based on regions. Like, if you are going to jump from to roof and thinking that I will not get hurt because someone said me that you will not get hurt today. And other person thinks like this if I jumped I will get hurt. Because my falling speed multiplied with my mass that much force will be generated and the earth will repulse the mass in equal response. Surely, I am going to get hurt. So, this is the difference between faith and science. There should be an equal distribution of knowledge by which someone can make his decisions rationally and not based on certain beliefs.

At last, the only thing I would like to say love is the only weapon that can destroy all the evils in the society. So love everyone, respect them and think good of everyone.

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is an economist by education; a literature enthusiast by interest; a sportsperson by physique; a kind and straightforward person by nature and a human being by default. You can read his posts on various topics on this personal website of him.

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  • Anil Suman

    June 14, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Really a good article to understand communal harmony in technical way. Your treatment of this subject is different than usual narratives.


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