Communal Harmony – the reality – the vision

March 8, 2018 — by Amit Mishra

While the countrymen are all busy teaching others how to be sensible and tolerant towards others, do we have a few moments to introspect? What is communal harmony? In simple words, communal harmony stands for mutual respect to all religions, classes and different sections of the society. We are divided into cultures, religions but still, we show our unity when it comes to the national integrity. There are acceptance and love among the different communities, castes and religion. And this is what we know as communal harmony in simple terms.


Can writing be a career choice?

January 25, 2018 — by Amit Mishra


In the recent years, writing has boomed as an industry worldwide and the repercussions can clearly be seen in India as well. People who have the skills are trying their hands at writing and are getting good rewards for the same. Writing, of any kind, has become the backbone of any industry because people need to know and letting someone know something by reading is the best way to do it. And so, who will be the people who will generate content?


IIJNM Bangalore – the destination for journalism students!

January 20, 2018 — by Amit Mishra


Are you looking for a good journalism college where you could pursue your course and expect a better grooming of yourself as a future-oriented journalist? I have been searching the same and had several options. The institution where you should be staying for your course must have the following up to the mark:

  • Updated curriculum
  • Capable and experienced faculty bench
  • Modern and tactical approach to the course
  • In-office training environment
  • Lectures and discourse by the mavens in the industry
  • Job-like experience during your projects and assignments
  • Security of a job
  • Good lodging and meals if you are staying in the hostel


So, with these facilities, I was looking for an institution and I ran scans in both the sectors – privately held ones as well as government funded ones. While people have the general tendency to get enrolled in the government colleges and institutions without even checking the facts – just because of low fees most of the times – they must explore other options as well. Today, I will be telling about an institution where I have been personally for the observation and that’s IIJNM in Bangalore. Let’s take a look at what I found.


Journalism has an edge over engineering!

December 25, 2017 — by Amit Mishra


In the recent years, career choices among the youths of the nation have seen many shifts – natural ones and weird ones. Among the most natural ones, the disenchantment from the engineering career is easily evident. Apparently, people have been engineers for long and also been jobless for so long and this is the reason that today, most of the youths who are willing to establish themselves, in the long run, are not getting into this field. So, where are they looking? What are their goals? To the extent I could watch the shift, I will certainly say that people are looking towards a career which is safer, far more challenging and assured in the terms of progress – journalism!


The Idea Behind Mercantilism

October 9, 2017 — by Amit Mishra



  1. Introduction:

There was emergence of an economic thought between early 15th century to mid-18th century that is called mercantilism. It was a cry against the medieval thought and practice in France and other parts of Europe. The society was prevailing under pre-Newtonian thought about science. There was an enormous amount of ritual practice, unconscious faith and no scientific approach about any incident whatsoever in the day-to-day casual life of human beings. There was a feudalistic political structure. At the start of 15th-century, people had started realizing the importance of economic aspects of their problem. The main idea of mercantilism was to increase the overall wealth of the nation. That transformed in multiple other benefits – nationalism was increasing, people shifted towards productive works and much more. According to Lekachman, “Mercantilism was a battle against medieval thought and practices.”


Making My Intentions Known

June 16, 2017 — by Amit Mishra


I am unconventional, most of the times! Now people will surely begin to speculate what I don’t; what I am not; what I can’t; what I won’t; and what I did not! But guys, chill! I am a positive person and give the least to the negative side of the deck. I stay positive all the time and do my things rather enthusiastically – that’s where I am unconventional unlike most of the people. Well, now that I am on the web – world wide web, let me make it clear what I will be doing here. I have set up my website-cum-blog which ensures that I will be writing my stuff. What will I be writing? Let me answer that.