Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is a student of Economics, talking professionally. And not only Economics but many other things interest him academically. He is also a student of literature and takes a deep interest in it. He loves studying science, history, geography and other subjects which interest him. He is the monetary supervisor to many emerging institutions run by his friends and also some of his own. Managing the funds and investing them wisely is the major agenda of his work. And not to forget, he excels at the same.

For his pass time, Amit Mishra loves reading books, watching soccer, playing chess and at times, writing about the stuff which interests him. A clever and expert organiser, he runs many online and offline communities and some major of them are The Indian Authors, Campus Readers’ Club (MU, Bodhgaya), Desi Readers and Rate Your Book. Always eager to work towards the betterment of society, he also volunteers for good causes and services.

Here, on his professional website, you can read about Amit Mishra’s key progress, his achievements, and his challenges. Also, in the blog section, you can read what Amit writes at times – thoughts on economics, opinions on current events, book reviews, college diaries and much more. Whenever he gets a chance to write something, he grabs that and runs his fingers on his ThinkPad’s classy keyboard and presents his views to the readers for their opinions.

Some of the important posts that Amit is managing right now are Financial Analyst at Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and Funds Strategist at the BookBoys, a company for book promotions and author branding. He believes in giving his best shot to whatever he takes on and you can always find him enthusiastic about what he does. He is a dreamer, a planner, an achiever and a perfect blend of all these at the same time.