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Elephants in the Room – Book Review

January 23, 2019 — by Amit Mishra


Novel – Elephants in the Room
Novelist – Suraj Laxminarayanan
Year – 2018
Book Published by – The Write Place
My Overall Rating – 3.7/5

I have been a student of Economics and, more or less, the literature that I have to go through in my academic pursuit reflects the qualities of mainstream English literature. That’s why my interest in literature is deeper compared to the students of any other subjects. Now, this novel by Suraj Laxminarayanan, Elephants in the Room, came to me previous month. I began reading it and completed it in a week, almost. It took a little more time than expected because it is bulky, fat and voluminous. It could be shortened by the author, I believe so. However, as it’s the debut by Suraj, I believe he will get better with time. I will share my honest opinion as a book reviewer.

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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Book Review

September 18, 2018 — by Amit Mishra

“When I reported the success of the prototype to Wig, he represented that he would get his attorneys to start working on a patent and encouraged me to loan funds from ABII with the understanding that once the offering was complete the funds would be returned to ABII.”

And this is where a talent was spoiled by a crony and a crooked person named Manmohan Wig! Lal Bhatia, if you don’t know him yet, was once declared darling of the USA and called an asset. Praised by his professors, colleagues and almost everyone who knew him, Lal Bhatia was trapped into a net which was unable to be broken by him.

In this autobiography, Indicting Goliath, Lal Bhatia has exposed what happened to him during his days with a crooked and other corrupts. The book also contains many references and citations and the records of court proceedings which prove that Lal was actually innocent and that he was falsely indicted and prosecuted when he was trying to expose the fraud, the money laundering of the real criminals who were doing the black-hat trick in the name of a business.

The book, written in the first person, is a non-fiction and rightly so because the person who wrote this wanted to tell his story. Nevertheless, the story that Lal Bhatia tells in Indicting Goliath is nowhere compromised and offers a thrill equal to that of a moderate contemporary fiction. You will find interrogation sequences, arrests, an investigation by a supposed criminal, sourcing of records, and so many things which will be interesting to read and also the criminal corporation of corrupt judges, corrupt FBI officers and corrupt attorneys at the services of a crony capitalist!

Indicting Goliath has thrown the eggs on the face of USA and it has left no room for them to escape. The questions that need to be answered are: how could the judges work for money instead of working for justice delivery? How could the innocent be punished? How could an innocent be tortured for so many years? Why did you leave a person on the same basis, after 10 years, that he was repeatedly narrating?

Indicting Goliath is a book which the readers will enjoy. This non-fiction book will entertain the readers more than recent fiction books… do have your read! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India by following the link below:

Indicting Goliath on Amazon – buy now

review by Amit Mishra

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How helpful is Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha for UPSC?

July 5, 2018 — by Amit Mishra

Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha is a book which has been appreciated by many IAS candidates who successfully cleared the examination as well as many mentors who are preparing the future IAS officers. I also thought to have a go and then discuss my findings here and today, I am doing the same for my readers. I have gone through the much-talked K. Siddhartha’s book and I have found many interesting facts about it which I will share with you all today. And before we discuss anything else, the book is primarily for the UPSC aspirants and it will help them a lot in the GS examination.

Geography Through Maps

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American Maharajah – book review

April 3, 2018 — by Amit Mishra


Mark Stephen Levy is a seasoned author – you have to admit it! He might have written only two novels but his second novel only shows how mature as an author he is. American Maharajah is a ‘whole’ piece of fiction which does not leave any space left for further addition – a complete novel. However, there are certain things which, a reader might argue, could be improved and that should be a valid argument as well because there are things like depth in characters and a little more curve in the plot which could have been explored… nonetheless, the novel is certainly a belter piece of fiction compared to the recent ones that I have read.

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Why Are You Being Educated

June 26, 2017 — by Amit Mishra


The pursuit of knowledge and goal of it has a distinguished value. Goal drives us where we like to go but purpose deals with what we become in the process of achieving our goal. The same thing is discussed in the book Why are you being educated by J. Krishnamurti. It sounds very unfamiliar question to us, we have dedicated a part of life to get an education and someone is asking why are you being educated?