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How helpful is Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha for UPSC?

July 5, 2018 — by Amit Mishra

Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha is a book which has been appreciated by many IAS candidates who successfully cleared the examination as well as many mentors who are preparing the future IAS officers. I also thought to have a go and then discuss my findings here and today, I am doing the same for my readers. I have gone through the much-talked K. Siddhartha’s book and I have found many interesting facts about it which I will share with you all today. And before we discuss anything else, the book is primarily for the UPSC aspirants and it will help them a lot in the GS examination.

Geography Through Maps

Map-based Study: For this purpose, there is no parallel of this book! Though the maps would be very helpful if they were all coloured like the introductory maps. Still, whatever is in the book is wonderful and students, as well as aspirants, can take a good advantage of that. The features of the land are very well visualised with the help of maps – resources of a nation, population, major qualities of the land and many other things can easily be deciphered.

India’s Geography Retold: In this book, this is the best part, you can find anything and everything about India. You can learn about the rivers, pieces of land, gardens, forests, passes, resources, minerals, nuclear projects, rivers, water bodies and wetlands and what no! So, this will be a lot for the GS candidates appearing in any examinations in India where questions about India are asked.

A Basic World Intro: You will also find the basic and major information about the countries in the world in this book. It contains major physical features, rivers, mountains, industries and natural resources. This information will be very useful for the inquisitive students of Geography as well as the candidates of examinations conducted on various levels.

The reasons to buy Geography Through Maps by K. Siddhartha:

No better book on Indian Geography than this one
Reasonable pricing
Useful content which can easily be consumed and digested
Very good graphics
Comprehensive data and diagrams
Update information on resources (latest edition)

Overall critical review:
So, this book is indeed useful for the candidates of UPSC examination and other competitive examination. For General Studies which include India, this book can be your regular partner.

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